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Banned cpt.nobalot UTAN ID #15350

PostPosted: Sat 07 Jul, 2007 2:16 pm
by {ÎK}çyßêrhåwk
Offender: cpt.nobalot
GUID: d7f8b0e56ce9a7d8ae305c0ad09d34e6
IP Address:
Reason: Slander/Cursing/Unsportsmanlike-conduct
Other Reason: N/A
Region: GB, United Kingdom
Evidence: Log File
Other Information: cpt.nobalot and I were playing the vehicle map DM-Time2kill-II-beta2. cpt.nobalot hid in the motor pool building while I was in the Reeper Helicopter shooting heatseaking missiles in every direction hoping for a kill. I didn't see any outside movement so I turned to the opened door buildings. I swooped down to every open hanger door and fired several heat seakers. The only building left was the motor pool building. I swooped down ground level just in front of the opening and fired the heatseakers once more, but this time killing him. He said something along the lines of "Too good of a shot". Next kill was the same way, but the motorpool was the first place I looked. Upon swooping down, I heard one of the jeeps start up. I blindly unleased all the heatseakers I could. He died. cpt.nobalot then screams profanities and calling me a botter. When trying to explain to him, he continued with the name calling dismissing my words. I told him that he was banned and removed him from the POL server.

1. I made the map and know all the spawn points.
2. Heat seaking missiles will find and kill you if your aim is close.
3. Process of elimination
4. Ambient sounds such as the jeeps in the motorpool building can be heard half way across the map. Those vehicles are native to the motorpool building only.
5. I'm not a noob player

I do understand what it looked like to cpt.nobalot, but profanities are prohibited when they're used in a non-playful and disrespectful way.

If you are reading this cpt.nobalot......I will lift the ban if you want to discuss this like gentlemen and fans of the game. I find you to be very skillful in zark and better with vehicles. It would be a shame to end our dealings on a misunderstanding.


PostPosted: Sat 07 Jul, 2007 3:52 pm
by {§ÎR}$pøøñ
Not to mention being a Eruo player the guys ping must have been 170 or more... He should have weighed all the factors before jumping to conclusions. You did what had to be done.

PostPosted: Sat 07 Jul, 2007 4:29 pm
by Strider
Added to UTAN ban #15350. Can be removed is needed.