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Do u guys use the Zoom to shoot while moving?

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  • I have a question for your guys, I usually use the zoom for precision shots only when I'm standing still like for sniping but not while I'm moving because it limits my field of vision also because it's an extra step that takes time specially with fast players. But the advantage of using the zoom is that when u aim there is a ring that tells u that u are right on target, I see players like cyber, dark and vart making awesome shots right on target from way across the room and I wonder if u guys use the zoom or not also the Hud is very small and sometime I loose it behind some background which affect my aim and the kill for that matter and the zoom tool solves that issue but on the expense of loosing time which u can't afford with elite players. My question is do u guys use the zoom to zero in on your target while moving and jumping?
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  • I used to use zoom while moving, but never anymore unless I'm camping from a protected spot.

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  • I do. Sometimes it's the only way to hit a target, especially a quickly dodging one.
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