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Are ya diggin' time2kill? (DM beta map w custom vehicles)

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  • Sucks that bots can't drive the vehicles, but the author did label the map as a beta, after all.

    Rather than RE-mapping a slew of maps and producing versions which include APVehicle actors (vehicle factories) embedded in them... seems to me it would make more sense to revise the mutator -- expand it to run with existing maps and perform pathNode replacements (ala the "BarrelRun" and "RandomPlayerStarts" mutators). For maps lacking RoadPath or FlyingPath nodes, oh well... those just won't have any vehiclular bot support.

    If an admin handpicked assorted ONS and AS maps for a forced-DM map rotation (user-selectable as a gametype variation, via UT2Vote) and the mutator first tried to find/replace a fixed number of stock vehicle factories (resorting to performing 'apple' pathnode replacements only as a fallback) this "new vehicle" stuff might catch on ane become fairly popular.

    I think the mutator's (Harrier?) jet model is cool, but the l'il toy copters are pretty useless and would quickly lose their coolness factor. The missiles? Well, the "strangelove" (3rd-person-view ride a Redeemer mutator) has already been available to the community for quite a while, so IMO the 'new' missile thing ain't so great. Besides, from 3rd person view, it's really lame seeing the missiles 'hover' or fly backwards.

    My interest in the mutator is only marginal. If it had a broader scope (instead of JUST vehicle additions/replacements) I would probably find it more interesting. Thinking out loud -- how about a Terminator-like revised version of LastManStanding, where the game rules cause the bots to only target human players... and bots have access to vehicles, whereas human players don't. Ha ha, ineedabeer
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  • {Lådy}Púrgåtørí wrote:*blinks
    Ah, good point!
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  • Bot paths were implemented in the first version, but in light of the powerful Leviathan, players never had the need for vehicles. Sure there would be a few that would take flight or jump in a jeep for fun, but the winner would be the person who would snipe the bots and human players at their spawn points or bot paths. It ruined the dynamics of the way we wanted to play the map. In order to force vehicle use, we placed spawn points in strategic spots with a very limited path. If the spawn points were in a building, we made sure the bot paths never reached the outside. The Leviathan or other hand weapons is no longer dominate, and nearly impossible to win the game without jumping in a vehicle.

    There is one thing we could do for the next beta. Any building that contains a vehicle, we could make it where the bots go directly to a tank, jeep, plane, helicopter, etc. just as long as it doesn't have to leave the building to get to it. We'd still have to exclude ground bot paths, but could create flight paths out of the building, getting the bots involved in the exterior battles.

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  • someone make him rust... he better not be a craftsmen tool thats all i have to say

Thu 18 Oct, 2007 6:31 pm

  • {Lådy}Púrgåtørí wrote:someone make him rust... he better not be a craftsmen tool thats all i have to say

    :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
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