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    {IK} ~ Plåygrøúnd øf Légénds ~ UT2004 Server

    [align=justify]Plåygrøúnd øf Légénds or POL is a Zark/Sniper "Freestyle" UT2004 game server. Freestyle simply means that anything goes, whether you want to run-and-gun or take on the role of sniper. There are no arena style maps loaded which tend to favor the lowest ping. POL has a balance unlike no other server stressing equality. Everyone starts out with the same weapons and ammo to eliminate spawn luck. Maps loaded are mostly from medium to large and present many opportunities for the "cat & mouse" game which rewards strategy and skill over ping.

    POL's exclusive weapon and inventory loadout is sure to please:

    IK-Stealth-V1 : *NEW* Assault/Sniper Rifle with high powered scope and silencer. The scope is equipped with "LRSA" Long Range Sensor Array, that can detect enemy life signs from direct line of sight no matter the distance. If an enemy is near, a circular red bracket will appear around your crosshairs. If your crosshairs is dead on target, a lock tone will sound. While zoomed, you can also use your scroll wheel on your mouse to increase/decrease magnification without having to reset. Although the Stealth is capable of any custom firerates (Standing Still or Moving), the POL has both set for rapid fire. A final note: The Stealth's ammo pickups can be shot to produce a nice blast that can destroy anyone near.

    IK-XplodingTranz-V1 : Low trajectory, unlimited and fast toss rate with trails. What sets this trans apart from others? Explosive tips! That's right ... trans frag your enemy by either launching the beacon directly at them or lay it down as a mine.

    IK-Law-V1 : Replaces the redeemer with a more military style rocket launcher. Like the redeemer you have only one projectile per pickup, but the missile fired cannot be shot down. A special note about the Law's secondary fire. While controlling the missile with nose camera, you can locate enemy targets quite easily through it's computer tracking system. You have the many options available to you at this point. You can detonate the missile by driving it against a hard surface or remain in flight and launch mini ordinaces from the missile's weapons bay. Use your arrow keys to change loadout and use your primary fire button to launch at target. 3 sub ordinaces available: mini missiles, bombs and plasma cannon. Remember ... you cannot shoot down this missile, so to stop the destruction, you'll have to quickly locate the shooter and kill him/her. When you hear a LAW launch, always try to see where it was shot from.

    StrikePainter : Like the normal painter, but only one bomb is dropped. Problem being ... it's NUCLEAR! If you hear or see it ... you better run for cover quickly. It's explosion and blast radius is immense. The radiation aftermath can also affect your health, so wait a bit before jumping out from behind cover.[/align]
    POL Settings:

    IP- Port: 7777
    Speed- 1.5
    Gravity- Low
    AirControl- 65.0
    Stealth ROF- Still(0.14)/Moving(0.14)
    Stealth Ammo- 300
    UT2003 Style- (Fast weapon change)
    MultiJump- 10

    As a special service, anyone wanting their skin or model pushed on the POL, please let me know and I'll be glad to set it up for you.
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Sat 07 Jun, 2008 10:43 am

  • love the server .. was on there with a few people yesterday tearing it up

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Wed 11 Jan, 2012 8:12 pm

  • You've really set up a nice playing server Cyber. Thanks for maintaining it and keeping it interesting. The IK keeps me on my toes and competitive, even after a couple of years of steady playing I learn new skills almost daily(thats a warning BTW I'm gunning for ya!).Lol. Thanks again mate, I know everyone here appreciates your work(except maybe ze deutch)Lol.
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