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Sun 19 Apr, 2009 4:48 pm

  • First off, Hey all... its been way too long since I posted on here. Got caught up on CoD4 and 5 as whenever I boot UT3 theres hardly anyone online.

    Anyways, Im currently helping out a team whos aim is to create a new gametype for UT3 that hopefully will prove to be quite popular. I wont go into it now as Im unsure of how much they wanna keep under wraps. However, I do know they are looking into using custom weapons that have both iron sights and scopes (think along the lines of Call of Duty). I just wondered if any of you guys would be able to offer any insight as to how to go about doing this? Im guessing best bet for the scoped weapons would be to use the code from the sniper rifle as a kinda base class and replace the mesh and animations.

    Anyways, as always, any and all help is much appreciated.

    I promise to come back more and whore your forums again LoL.

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