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UTStatsDB Announcement

PostPosted: Sat 21 Feb, 2015 11:14 am
by {ÎK}çyßêrhåwk
Since the beginning we've had the UTStatsDB operating on our site. In some ways it was good for people to see their successes and failures for growth purposes, but the negative unfortunately outweighs the positive. I personally believe it's taking a lot of the fun away for players. Obsessing with personal rankings will cause players to play differently as well, due to the paranoia of losing points.

I've taken the UTStatsDB offline as an experiment to see if players have a better experience. I think we'll see a lot more players having fun and staying in game longer knowing they're not being recorded.

Everyone will be equal and each game will be a fresh start. Thanks for taking time to read this and happy fragging! :)


Re: UTStatsDB Announcement

PostPosted: Sat 21 Feb, 2015 1:31 pm
by {§ÎR}MrBee®
I would like to ask from each of you ? = a personal feeling , attitude , change in play ..experience ( PLEASE)

I have seen Players just spectating , hesitate to enter , enter and leave after 1/2 - game .

Did displaying our great UTStatsDB pride on full HD screen .. Made us , some , look like the Pump-up EGO clan ?
A second class player just good for a few Elite ..

It affected our way of playing .. YES .. did it to me .. got frustrated a lot some night to loose point and was this not suppose to be fun ?

Me and Cyber talk about Future idea .. and here is a small list and i want every body answer on this ( PLEASE)

( POL ) = IK-Plåygrøúnd øf Légénds Server
( LOP ) = IK-**Låír øf Påín **
( OSZM ) = IK-Queen's Domination [Old School Zark Masters]

Zark Deathmatch Stays :-) ( POL ) with many new maps :-) lol

MATRIX will be back on ( LOP ) as default play but /

( LOP ) is on UT2Vote59 system making it possible to change GAMES and look at this next small image that shows you
where to clic when voting appears on screen ( Or Clic HOME key to get voting screen )

So here is what me and Cyber just talk about and that i will incorporate on ( LOP )

for ( LOP ) Vote GAME types LIST

Regular FAST ACTION DM immortalknightz Style ( All regular Weapon , Fast action , Custum Deemers and Transloactor .
10 multijumps and modified Gravity tweek
is in the making .. ( Testing ) and you never did play this kind of regular match .. as most DM out there is lazy slow and lame IMO




Also , any New Idea , GAME type , Request can be added on Servers in the Future or at the discretion of the SERVER honor .

We are talking about ( Ladder Games ) Festival weekend Party with entry fees for a Great Giff give away ,
Giving the (Total entry fee value ) to 50% of entry players in a pull in the HAT fashion so that all can win just not the elite . but all must participate

exemple ....

Festival entry fee ... ( 10 $ ) payable on Paypal ,,,

we have 10 people entry ... makes 100$ and 5 people out of the 10 will receive a 20$ gift but .. so 50 % win , 50 % loose but participate .

It would be ... immortalknightz T-shirts . Cups , KeyChain , ect ... or gifs that fits in a money value ...

0 money gets used for ... Organizateur . Graphic design or nothing ... all back to you guys ... with 50% chance win on your side ....
and a great Party game ..

OH YA ... these festival could all play out on TeamSpeak 3 for a super fun , no stress , no big competion DAY ...


Now .. we need Feedback .. from you people .. ( Please )

Re: UTStatsDB Announcement

PostPosted: Sat 21 Feb, 2015 4:49 pm
I love the stats because I can see my progress and what I did every night specially when I play against elite players because after a certain point in the stats the variation is not that big, sometimes after I play against cyber I find my self up or down 2 or 3 point after a full night of fragging and those are the best games but in the other hand I understand where you guys are coming from and I noticed that too, so many players leave when an elite player gets in to the game, sometimes we have more spectators than players, so I'm ending up playing alone all night or if they stay they just play 1 or 2 games then leave :(

Maybe this will be a good experiment to see if this behavior will change, after all we want more player to be engaged and to have more fun, I will give you as much feedback as I can from my side...GO IK :)

Re: UTStatsDB Announcement

PostPosted: Sun 22 Feb, 2015 11:43 am
by {ÎK}Queen
I don't actually pay attention to stats at all, I can tell if I am getting better by not dying as much :) I have always played for fun and never really cared much about stats. I know there are people out there that do, I am just not one of them :)

Side note: The reason I haven't been playing on POL or LOP because of the skins, not that I care if they are used, there are just no girl ones, so us girls don't get a skin (I don't want balls and a beard ;) ), and I don't want to put the boy ones on my server if there are not any girl ones, and I don't mean stupid half naked ones...I want girl soldiers, its fair I think ;) So if I play on POL or LOP they are downloaded to my game, (which makes me see them) and I am being stubborn. I don't want to see your pretty skins till I and the other girls have pretty skins too. So, No skins on my server till there are girl ones, I don't want to see the boy ones and be jealous :) LOL O:)

Re: UTStatsDB Announcement

PostPosted: Sun 22 Feb, 2015 12:58 pm
by {ÎK}çyßêrhåwk
I understand completely and I promise you will have your girl skins within a week. :)

Re: UTStatsDB Announcement

PostPosted: Sun 22 Feb, 2015 1:04 pm
by {ÎK}Queen
Yay :D <3

Re: UTStatsDB Announcement

PostPosted: Thu 26 Feb, 2015 12:43 am
I read stats every once in a while and they are interesting. Other than that not a big deal to me. I will admit I spectate quite a bit trying to learn. My game in many ways is just flat rotten. There are also times when I will be working and playing at the same time or someone just comes in and interrupts me. I either just have to flat disappear for a few minutes or sit there. Lately I have had a bicep/shoulder issue and playing the game just aggravates it. I also lie to experiment with different things while playing, moves , locations and system tweaks.

Re: UTStatsDB Announcement

PostPosted: Thu 26 Feb, 2015 11:07 am
by {ÎK}çyßêrhåwk
You have a specific style about you Nine. I've studied your moves for quite some time. Your strength is in your sniping skills. You also have the best turn around shot. If you keep at it, you'll be among the elites before you know it.

The only bit of advice I can give you at this point is to zig zag to the sides as well as up and down when you trans. Makes it harder for someone to hit you. The other thing is location. Every map has hot spots where the action is. Unfortunately every else knows this too and will be there. Transing is a must if you come out in the open and fight it out. You may get killed a lot at first, but you will improve.

Between you and the rest of the knightz, we have a strong team. Very proud of ya. :)

Re: UTStatsDB Announcement

PostPosted: Fri 06 Mar, 2015 11:59 pm
by BuzzLightYear
Most of the best players I've encountered have been here!
Still lots to learn, but playing against folks of your skill level, one must improve to survive.
Thanks for allowing me to play on your servers.

Best regards,