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Introduce yourself and/or your clan.

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Hello All. I'm Originally Master_Seal, formerly [uSa]Master_Seal, [PSI]MasterSeal, {MIRT}MasterSeal, -]TUS[-MasterSeal, and recently {-M3-}MasterSeal of my own clan.

I've been around a VERY long time. and the only reason for my addmittance of the clan hopping that took serveral years, is that I think I've finally found a good home away from home.

I'm a scriptor, coder, graphical artist, and musician, and I LOVE UT. of all flavors. recently I've made the acquaintance of Cyberhawk, whom seems to be a righteous knight, and gentleman. you guys have a GREAT site, you're VERY talented in all you do in the UT community, and you seem to be doing what I'm after.. A fun, respectful, technically savvy gaming environment.

I'll be around quite alot from now on... I am affiliated with Team [GO] as a new member as of late...the {SP} stands for Seal's Place, just my own community for clans, players alike etc. it hasnt' been very successfull as I don't have patience for bad apples much...just the good people and they're far and few in-between...but it's there none-the-less.

I'm glad you guys are still around. I'll be in touch!!

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Welcome glad to see ya!
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