Wargear here Howzit going all?

Introduce yourself and/or your clan.

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Nice to be on board here thx all! I'm a 50yr old self taught computer geek who started gaming in the old doom/duke nukem dayz over our IPX Novell network before my old boss and I started a dialup ISP in Wisconsin..15 years later cable n DSL killed that and I'm in Arkansas (You know... that state where indoor plumbing isn't a universal commodity!) but they DO have real-deal kick ass moonshine once the hillbilly's get to know you...Got tired of driving OTR for others and currently looking to buy my own rig. Into Harleys and ride every chance I get. Used to run with a club you've seen on that gangland show on the history channel got tired of the bullshit and semi-retired but you never really retire though. So I'm a bit bit of an odd duck...1% biker computer geek and trucker who loves playing UT2k4 with you guys! Look forward to getting to know you all better!
"Motorcycles ruined my marriage..Thank God for miracles!"
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Welcome to the castle 8)

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Welcome man!

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Welcome to the clan I hope to catch you in the servers sometime...when do you play most?
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Nice to meet ya.......

Odd duck! The world needs all kinds of people to make it go around.
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