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SLI v.s. PCI-e Motherboard

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Tue 26 Aug, 2008 7:40 pm

  • I have a full tower pc case so I decided to get an E-ATX motherboard but I found out that this paticular type of motherboard doesnt come cheap and even cost more for me to find one with SLI.

    So my question is that Is it all that serious to get a SLI capable motherboard when There are extremly powerful GPU's out now like Nvidia's 9 series?

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Tue 26 Aug, 2008 8:48 pm

  • From waht I've read about the SLI stuff is that some times it's good ,sometimes well more trouble that it's worth. Drivers for such rigs are still problematic as well. I just went with a one card mobo, and like maximum PC mag says about the subject, the money you save now on buying two video cards that could give you a headache lol, you''ll be able to buy a bad ass 1 GIG DDR5 vid card later on that will out perform two of whatever you can get now! ! I'd get one that has one PCI express slot , that will use DDR3 RAM thinking for the future, or like I did DDR2 to save lots of $. There is so many choices out there lol its hard to say whats the absolutely perfect rig.

    Mine that I put together :

    Mobo= Gigabyte S-series ,GA-P35-DS3L -supports dual and quad core intel chipsets
    RAM-4 gigs crucial DDR2 PC2 6400
    power- coolermaster 500 watt extreme power
    CPU- 2.33 intel dual core w/1333 FSB 4 mb cache oc'ed to 2.8
    Video- BFG 9600 GT OC ! 512MB DDR3 - 740/1700
    Samsung flat LCD 19 in.
    and lol a 80 gig hd left over from the old comp
    all for under 1000

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Tue 26 Aug, 2008 9:02 pm

  • oh ok thnks for the advice. From What I found out that E-ATX holds 18gb ram max!! plus two CPU chip slots for which from what I understand, most d looks like a server. I wanted to get a Nforce motherboard but if I cant oh well. I just want to fill up my full tower pc as much as possible. Thats whats it is made for.

    there are those GPU Nvidia 200 series out now as well.

    I could get A cpu chip close to 3.0ghz as posible I will be satisfied. The rest of the components are a walk in the park

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Tue 26 Aug, 2008 10:17 pm

Tue 26 Aug, 2008 10:59 pm

Tue 26 Aug, 2008 11:01 pm

Wed 27 Aug, 2008 5:48 am

  • lol I have issues of one kind or another with all of them some times you get lucky I had the one in here for over 4 years now and they are corsair ddr 512 X 2 it just very's with all. when I do get them I do plan on reading all the reviews on them and every thing that's still a long time off more then likely and my wish list changeing on a weekly Basis as well I some time look at all the cheap stuff think about it and change back to other things but I will keep things in mind when I do order every thing still wanting ut3 more stable before sence I'm only updateing for it and nothing more this one will do every thing I want and then some still quite well..............
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