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Fri 04 May, 2012 1:11 pm

  • hey ! I had to buy a new harddrive and as it uses SATA instead of using up the one IDE slot, I can now use the CD-RW in conjuntion with with the DVD-ROM on that slot. I just need to know the jumper configuration for that and I can put it back together lol. So would I set the DVD-ROM as master or slave ?
    thanks for any help !

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Fri 04 May, 2012 7:16 pm

  • Hi Chef, all u need to do is set the CD-RW jumper on MASTER and set the jumper for DVD-ROM as "SLAVE", usually the jumer setting is in the back of each device then connect ur new hard drive to the motherboard using the SATA cable (usually there is no jumper setting needed if u have only one hard drive).

    PS: if u have 2 hard drives it's better to install only the one that u need for the windows installation sometime if the second HD has some system files it will create a conflict when u install windows in the new HD...if any u can connect the 2nd HD later after all installations are complete.

    Now to make sure that the new configuration is working and that ur devices are detected by the system u need to check ur "BIOS"...power up ur PC and login to ur "BIOS" (to login to your BIOS usually u need to press the DEL "delete" button, some computers use other buttons like F1 or F2 it depends on the manufacture, it usually says which button to press on ur loading screen)

    Once u see the BIOS screen u will be able to see ur devices there (DR-RW, DVD-ROM and hard drive), make sure that each device will show MASTER and SLAVE exactly as you set them up.

    PS: if ur installing a fresh copy of windows don't forget to set one of CD drives as a PRIMARY boot in the boot section on the BIOS then set ur hard drive, since there is no system files yet...that means the system will read the windows installation CD as soon as u start ur computer for the first time:

    Your System boot option should looks as follow:

    1- CD-RW
    2- DVD-ROM
    3- SATA hard drive

    Note that I chose the DVD-ROM as secondary because if ur windows CD is a DVD it might not work on the CD-RW.

    After installing windows and u made sure that it's working fine it's better to switch back ur boot option as follow otherwise the system will have to read the CD and DVD each time u start ur system:

    Boots options after windows installation:

    1- SATA hard drive
    2- CD-RW
    3- DVD-ROM

    I know it's a lot of information to process but I didnt want to leave anything I hope this helped, let me know if have any other questions ;)
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