Who's playing UT3???

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Who's playing UT3? where are the people,is it because of the system requirements for the game? Or what!..Seems like sum folks talk about how bad the game runs,but for me it runs very smooth on my computer, and im not on a high end pc either.I never had a serious problem. It has crashed on me before several times. But that was after like 4hrs of straight play!!..For the most part i Love the game, it one of my favorites..Were are the people there should be a ton of people on this game.The action is super fast pace!! it needs more weopons mods more custom maps..It'll be alot more fun..

P.s.: why would they take out the SAW-BlaDe gun from the original!!! that was my main weopon..Damit
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Now that the patches are out I find it is playable.

Over the years I find each release has it's own personal pleasures. I like them all.

But yeah I wish UT3 had the ripper. That would be cool. ;)
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The main reason I haven't moved on to UT3 is because it is incomplete as a game and riddled with bugs still. I'm waiting for two main fixes: To be able to push skins on the server and bots scaled down or at least have more options to do so. We play with speed cranked up. Even with the bots on the lowest skill setting, they kill you like they're using an aimbot. I don't know what fixes are currently in place, but if these were resolved already, I'll fire the game back up and give it another shot.

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Not Many but we are moving toward that way when the bugs and kinks get worked out of the game but we always looking for players in it (Lol)
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I play all the time .I absolutly love the ,I just wish that there were more people playing because im getting tired of killing the same people over and over and over.
I have no problem with the game.
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Likewise it runs smooth as a baby's bottom on my Quad Core. I play it daily and have even stumbled upon the IK server. Seems like I only get to play bots on there so far but mega cool sniper rifle mod. Not sure what it's called.
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UT3? whats that?
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