Can ur Rig handle UT3?

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What's goin on folks..Just wanted to say hello to everyone. Was wondering what kind of gaming systems people are working with..Here's mine.

Asus P5K se
E2180 Oc'ed to 3.2 on a Tuniq 120 Tower
kingston ddr 800- (2) gigs
GForce 8800 Gts 320 OC- Oc'ed 620/1700
22inch Chimei lcd
500watt PS Thermaltake
DVDrw-liteon 20x dual layer
WD hdd's 80/160
(3) case fans- 2 for exhaust and 1 for intake
Piano black mid tower- will be moddin the tower soon with lites and plexi
Linksys Router/Cable modem
(2) satelites spkrs/(1) sub nothing special
Blck Laser gaming mouse / I-rock...Blck kybd by Compaq.. :twisted: :shock:....3d Mark 06 was around 10,000 plus.I plan on geivin this rig to my 10 yr old son and build a quad system..
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Abit socket a with amd athlon Barton core 1 gig of memory ati agp 2600 one big box fan on the side of the case and I get a wopping 60 fps med settings and is playable barely lol I map more then play maybe one day I will upgrade but not any time soon I'll waight till ut 3 is a little more stable for every one before I spend another 2000$ on a computer lol
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I got a rock.......
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