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Fixed the bug where the Xark doesn't spawn first in conjuction with trans mutators. Tested it offline and on. I used the BattleTRANS and a few others to make sure.

Since the Xark comes with it's own weapon replacement option, Epic's Weapon Replacement will definately conflict with it. I do see the Xark as one of the weapon options however. It's best to remove all previous versions of the Xark. One thing i did play with and got working, was integrating Epic's Weapon Replacement into the Xark instead of the one from Emacs. This way you can not only replace weapons with the Xark, but replace weapons with any other mutator as well. The only difference, instead of using the True/False statements you'd have to fully type out the mutator's name such as.............UTMutator_IKXd.UTMutator_IKXd or BattleTRANS.BattleTRANS, etc.

Would you prefer this over the existing one?

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Hey that is good to hear!!!

Glad you found the bug to fix spawning with the trans. woo hoo!! :D

To answer your question yes I would prefer the option to type/paste in any weapons ClassName in to replace any of the stock weapons.

That way we would have a tool like WORM or SwapTool like 2k4 has.

Good Job Cyber!!!

I did notice another bug playing it on our server.

1) Periodically you only spawn with the Translocator then have to run around and find a pickup of the Xark.
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