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Thu 26 Aug, 2010 1:26 am

  • Howdy ,
    I was wondering if there was any way to get the rifle from the 2k4 beeowullf server from you guys ..I'm new to UT2k4 and I'm trying to put together a server of my own, and so far to date the rifle that is on that server is the best I've seen out there. Its been difficult finding downloads for 2k4 as most are broken links or don't exist any more... for instance y'all have one download for 2k4 in your down loads and the link is broken or so it says when you click on it . this is the norm for most 2k4 down loads at least in my experience. any help would be greatly appreciated. i have found one rifle and its an IK rifle but its almost impossible to make a long distance head shot with as the bullets scatter when pointing at some or a bot, the rifle is more of a bin slayer than a sniper rife
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