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a little trouble figured id ask you guys

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    ok so i am haveing it continualy not have the trans show up when i connect via the web from my laptop if i go into it as a listen server the trans works (as the standard trans) and on the server box it works as the trans elite. however when i run it as dedicated no trans shows up at all. any info on why thins might be or how to fix it btw i am running it threw the ut game and then as the console no batch file and would like to run it as dedicated preferably. i am trying to set this up as a zark style server. and the box is windows xp pro


    {ik}stealth v1
    trans elite

    also if anyone knows what a better way to get it to jump as the ik stealth dosent let me adjust the jump height but i would like to have 10 double jumps. and something that would let me dodge in the air are called let me know.

    i figured hear would be a good place to ask as you guys know what your doing also asked on unrealadmin.org.. if you guys know of any combos of mutators that include ownage vendetta gibalicious the dodge one and 10 jumps as well as a cool gun and trans lmk and hook me up with the dls or at least point me in the right direction...

    thanks vash and sorry if this is in the wrong place
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  • MatrixMoves...not sure the original scriptor, maybe Apox...thats the crazy movement mod that alows dodging in air, these folks should know better than I.
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