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cyberhawk's zark tips

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Wed 25 Feb, 2015 2:13 pm

  • As promised I have some more zark tips:


    This is not an option....it's a must! You have to trans well in order to compete with the zark elites. In past tutorials I've stressed the need to zig-zag in small increments. I still believe this is true today, but how big of increments or chirps? The smaller your chirps, the longer it will take you to get from a to b. "A" being the start point and "B" being your ultimate destination. In between it's just basic defensive tactics to make it harder for someone to hit you. If your chirps are to short, you make a lot of unnecessary noise which can be used by another player to easily track and follow you. If your chirps are too long, you're vulnerable as you're in waiting mode. The key is to mix it up left to right as well as up and down. Vary the chirp lengths as you trans to keep someone such as myself from guessing your next movements. In some situations, longer translocating is appropriate when trying to use stealth to sneak up on someone or to get ahead of another player that's using the short zig-zag method.

    I use mid chirps, as it seems to be smoother. When your actions are controlled, you can see more of the field and your aim will improve. I also trans low to the ground using the elevations as protective covering. Buildings and hills are great when you need to dive behind them and switch from trans to weapon. If it were a real situation with a real gun, you would never reload while out in the open. You'd most definitely would want to do it behind some type of cover. I also place trees and walls between me and the other player(s) when I come out of warp. You can't do this all the time of course, but it's a good defensive technique.

    NEVER NEVER NEVER trans in a straight line.


    You first need a good mouse. It doesn't have to be the Logitech G9x, but it must feel good in your hand and have adjustable weights. The heavier your mouse, the more accurate you'll be as it helps to prevent over steering. Your in-game settings are just as important. Under Mouse Sensitivity (In Game) settings, the lower you have that number, the more accurate you'll be. If the setting is too low, you'll have a hard time turning around. If the setting is too high, you'll have a hard time hitting anything. If you're trying to dial in those settings offline, you can get it close. When you're in-game and the heat is turned on, two things happen:

    1. Grip and arm muscles get tense
    2. Adrenaline

    When this happens, you'll be more accurate with a lower setting. Even so, it's best to keep calm and concentrate on relaxing during a match.

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Wed 25 Feb, 2015 11:46 pm

  • Great tips cyber, I also change the sensitivity depending on the size of the map but not by much because on small maps the target is bigger since it's closer and in big maps the target is small so low sensitivity will be better, I also agree with you when it comes to the mouse, I'm struggling with that as we speak the G602 is a great mouse but the grip is just awful, not designed for long sessions, hopefully the new MSI mouse will be good. Good post I hope everyone can take advantage of this.
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Sat 28 Mar, 2015 11:41 pm

  • Just bought a G502 Proteus Core and I am still tuning it. I replaced my G500 that the wheel was going out on. I find the front of the new mouse points down and is easier to aim. the weight system is different and I do not like it as well. Over all the mouse is fairly good.
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