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Thu 01 Sep, 2011 1:20 pm

  • How to increase your ranking in the Global or IK UTSTATS?

    This is a very hard question to answer. The highest I've ever ranked is 1-1-12. #1 for the week - #1 for the month - #12 for alltime.

    I looked at the players that were ahead of me for alltime. The only zark player I saw was in the 9th position and he has never beaten me. Being ranked high doesn't mean you're the best. Just means you know how to play for better stats. Being the best is playing and beating the best more than they beat you. If you don't play the best, then the utstats will get you in the ballpark.

    I personally don't play for stats, I play to win everytime. If I wanted to play the system and be ranked #1 of alltime, I could do it, but I'd have to lose nearly everytime. I don't want to do that of course. You probably wonder what I mean by that. If you check most high ranked players stats, you'll see a common scene.......they're either last place or damn close. They also play on a server that packs a full house. I've spectated this players and found their trick. They come into a game that's nearly at it's end. Next they snipe a high scoring player in the head (one shot - one kill). Then they run and hide and never shoot again. Their EFF (efficiency) is 100% which means a whole lot.

    If you level off in a game, your points won't be high. You need to kill on a timed pace. If you do this right, when you look at your stats, you'll see a steady climb on your kill graph. You don't want to see flat spots (when you go awhile without killing), nor do you want to see it go downward (absense of killing and you kill yourself). A person coming in at the end of the game don't have to worry about the graph. Is this fair? Hell no it's not! Before Epic's Global Stats got screwed up, the top ten of Alltime had something in common. They all played for less than 4.5 hours and all played on the same server and was in last place every game. Once they all got into the top ten of alltime, they never played again using that key. This is a mystery that I'd love to figure out someday.

    I don't know if you noticed it or not, but if i win against a player that doesn't have any points, I won't be rewarded with any. My score will show 0 with no change. Your points you get is actually stolen from other players in the game. If they have a ton of points to give, it's a good chance that everyone in the game could benefit except the high roller. Even if I play and get 50 - 0 (flawless victory) with 10 holy shit kills, I can and do loose points against newbs. The stats seems to favor players that don't move and just snipe. You can't win in zark that way (against skilled players) but you can rank high.

    UTSTATS is like a tractor pull. The higher you rank, the harder it is to score points. The game handycaps you bigtime. Somewhere around 200 you'll feel the slowdown. Most people upon reaching that level will backslide as it feels like you're trying to push through a wall. Before resetting the IK Stats, I ranked #1 with over 400 points. This held for two years strong....very very difficult to achieve and win the game too.

    If anyone has any tips on how to get a better ranking, please post here.



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