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Fri 06 Feb, 2015 4:50 pm

  • I see a few of you have duplicate accounts on the UTStats. This usually comes from a reinstall and not using the same credentials to sign in. If the user and pass is not exactly the same, a new account will be created and your points will be added to the new one only. Your old account will just be in limbo. When I see this, I have to merge them together in order for it to work. Most of the time I do this, you will lose points and ranking. The two that I merged was FrigginFragger and Firehawk. Both of FF's accounts were so close together in points, he didn't go down in ranking. Firehawk on the other hand lost bigtime due to the contrast of scores from each account.

    Other possibilities are:

    Using another computer in which you failed to enter the right info.
    Friends/Family members that also play on the same computer, so they have to log in separately and again forget their info.

    I made a batch file for everyone in which you double click to run your game instead of the UT2004 shortcut:

    File Name cyber.bat

    @echo off
    del c:\UnrealAnthology\UT2004\System\User.ini
    copy e:\Games\cyber\User.ini c:\UnrealAnthology\UT2004\System

    The first line "@echo off" just means to not show the code on the screen (silent).

    The second line will delete your user.ini file in your UT2004 install directory under the System folder. You'll have edit this to fit your install directory. Notice there is no space between Unreal and Anthology. I removed the space on my install root directory because this batch file wouldn't work otherwise.

    The third line copies your backup user.ini file that you've placed in another folder on your computer. Oh you haven't done that? This is the most important part. Under (install directory)\UT2004\System\ right click and copy your user.ini file. Next make a backup folder somewhere on your computer in which it will be safe. Best on a second partition or hard disk. I placed it on me E: drive under Games\cyber\. Go into that folder you just made and paste the user.ini in there. There...it's backed up.

    The fourth line just executes your game .exe to start it.

    The fifth line exits from DOS once the game is shut down. This way you won't have to manually close out the small DOS box that remains.

    It's pretty simple once it's explained, but the trick is to make sure your links are right.

    I have several of these batch files made up for each of my family members that play UT2004. Each can double click on their batch file to run the game when they want to play. Their custom character/skin, game settings, name, user and password will load by default and no changes will be necessary.

    Windows by default doesn't like to show us the file extensions so it will be hard for you to create your own file ending in .bat. To make it easier you can download my attachment in which you can then right click on it and click edit. Change the links to fit your own and save.

    Hope this helps


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