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Tue 06 Mar, 2007 1:26 am

  • Thx first to Spoon for the ggs Yesterday on Bin :D hehey was dawn fun :D

    Here are the Servers I love to play alot

    [EZE] Clan Sneaky Sniper Anything Goes Server..

    YKI Zark Matrix Server

    {FO}UK DM**Matrix, Mod Weapons

    Dont know the server looks to be offline the last days :( server whit the Dualbinguns 8)


    |SOB|Clan GMC Deathmatch

    BiO|Clan Bin

    Greetings to Bio|Mongo i have playd alot of games whit him hehey 8)

    Greetings to BiO|Pro Pain and his Dad Gramps who given me the Binsniper one time to play whit 8)

    Gramps ~ New BinSlayer Server

    I found this page after i search the net for Binslayer


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Tue 06 Mar, 2007 8:27 am

  • Hey man your welcome...It was my pleasure. Thanks for sharing your fav's. I love the EZE PIG CTF, but the ping is outrageous. Sorta like all ours are for you. Some weapons you can adjust timing for lag. And some are more difficult. Evil Jesus and the DAMN Clan was the first modded 2k4 server I had found. With the dual gold yakimbin guns and the beam-me-up-scotty trans.
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