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Just looking for a good clan and people to frag with.Im not new to the FPS scene im an old school gamer from the days of Q1-Q3/UT99..Been off for a few yrs now, kids,wife,family you know.But it's time to get back to the action at hand.I was in a clan back then called {XTO} Extreme Take Over for Q3..Now im on UT3 this time and havent found any good servers with mods and stuff.Im on the west coast so most of the servers are empty so i play on high ping servers in the East or NE. ping around 120,not good but i do pretty good.I mostly play on UMG servers DM/TDM.My son soon to be 10 yrs old is also a UT3 gamer and very good too i must say.

My rig:Asus P5k se-e2180 OC'ed 3.2,Tuniq 120 Tower-pc6400 {2} gigs Kingston-msi Gforce 8800 Gts 320 OC'ed 620/1700-500w Thermaltake ps-hdd160/80hdd,dvdrw 20x liteon-22 inch Chimei lcd-Linksys router-cable speed 5800..Soon i will be upgrading and givin this Rig to my son and build a new one..
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Post Be active some one will be with you soon most still play 04 but some are slowly moving over to ut3 as they get the patches out that might fix it lol .............
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My son's 15 and likes UT3 too. He's played UT99 and 2k4 off and on since he was 9.....lol. Got to raise em right. ;)

Thanks for stopping in and we'll get your request processed soon.
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